ListPro for iPhone

eWallet for Mac, ListPro for iPhone « Ilium Software Blog.

Listpro 5 I went over to the Ilium site as things had gone a bit quiet on the ListPro front and i wanted to see if anything recent had been announced that I had missed. I'm still really keen (ie desperate) to get ListPro on my iPhone, I would say it is now the only application from my Palm and WM days that I still miss and have never been able to replace to date. That and the fact that I still maintain it on my LifeDrive, still keep entering new info into long established Lists in the hope that one day I will be able to swop it onto my iPhone.

Those who have used ListPro on other platforms know how good it is and I can imagine how good it is going to be on the iPhone, hence my interest. The linked post is a couple of months old but I was heartened to read that Ilium are still developing and pushing ahead with it.

Bring it on… they say.


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