Waiting for the Pre

Palm-pre-classic apps Saw this post at pda247 and it matches what I have been thinking of late. I was pretty excited a few months ago but the dawning realisation that it would not be available here for some considerable time forced me to rethink my smartphone strategy. Since then I have bought more good apps for the iPhone, have used and enjoyed a BlackBerry and the thought of splashing out for a smartphone that, in nearly 2 months of being out there, still only has a paltry 30 or so apps available to download is not appealing.

I need to know that there is going to be a whole lot more software available by launch date in the UK and obviously making the SDK available to all and sundry is going to help on that front. Software is all important to me these days as is a device that is easy to use and the Pre is only up there on one count at present. I can forgive the iPhone's shortcomings because the software is so darn good, so much fun to use and easy to get used to and I don't fancy going back to step one with a Pre that is devoid of the quality of its applications in comparison. I've been through that already with the iPhone 2G thank you very much and did not enjoy it. Using the "classic" emulator is an option but to be truthful, I have kind of weaned myself off many palm apps, ones that I used to regard as indispensable, and have moved onto other equivalents on other platforms. Shock horror, some of these rae better too.

The Pre has already slipped from my number 1 most desired next purchase to below the iPhone 3GS and is unlikely to reclaim that top spot, especially if I were able to upgrade to the newer iPhone ahead of its eventual launch in the UK. Palm must know there are a lot of folk with o2 iPhone contracts up for renewal at the end of this year and it makes simple and obvious sense fo them to have the Pre available at that time.


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