UK News apps for the iPhone

ITN I was just thinking the other day that there are so many free and simple bits of software for the iPhone which just enhance it and make it superior to other platforms for doing certain things. Superior in the sense of having much better applications available for it. Take News apps for example. There is a choice of many that are UK based, from TV stations to UK newspapers and they are all good and all free.

I tried out a few last week and couldn't decide between "Sky News" and "ITN" but plumped for the latter as the former would sometimes just not update at all whereas the latter would. It offers you several viewing options, for general news, sports news, business news and "fun" and some news items have a video option. The interface is simple but highly effective and navigating around is a cinch. It also updates quickly, even on GPRS or EDGE.

It's so handy to be able to access up to date news without having to do so via the browser and to view it displayed in such an attractive fashion.


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