NoteMaster for iPhone

Most folk know that the Notes app on the iPhone is a bit limp wristed, offering little in the way of features except the ability to store info that you yourself have inputted. Last week, when I had loads of free time in the evenings whilst on holiday I tried out a few bits of software designed to improve on the iPhone note taking experience.

NoteMaster The two I liked the look of were Awesome Notes and Note Master and I ended up buying both although the first purchase turned out to be a mistake. Awesome Notes looks the part, with fancy dan colour coding for notes and categories but turned out to be a bit disappointing. Of particular annoyance was the time consuming manner in which each individual note had to have a colour and theme assigned to it by scrolling through a menu list instead of being able to set a uniform style in the settings. I only liked a couple of the "themes" anyway. It also did not offer any way to add images to notes. I just felt it did not offer enough for my needs although future updates may solve this.

Next up was NoteMaster which I ended up keeping on the iPhone. It does not have the nice eye-candy interface of the former but has a very uniform iPhone look which made me feel at home right away. It also lets you add images to notes, which I find usefu, headers and it syncs with Google Docs, apparantly, which is something I have not tried out yet but will soon. Other useful features include the ability to back up your notes via email (although the set up for email is a bit convoluted) and assigning privacy options to individual categories. A landscape typing entry option is available too. I have finally started using the inbuilt "cut and paste" mode so it was easy to get info into the application itself.

I suppose it is still a bit basic but it is way better than the Apple Notes version and until I find something better will continue to be used.


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