Cut and paste…cut and paste..cut and paste

Okay, that is now virtually a week I have have had the iPhone v3 software installed and surprise surprise, I have yet to use cut and paste. Whether this is because I have gotten so used to not having it or whether it is due to not actually really even needing it in the first place I do not know. Over the near 2 years previous iPhone useage I could have done with it about 3 times and could never really understand the clamour for it but hey, it is here so I might as well make a conscious effort to take advantage of it. logo I also forgot that there is now a system wide search feature on the iPhone. This, I find to be of more use although I don't really have so much stuff on the phone in the first place that I easily forget where everything is. I keep mis-swiping to the left and activating the search page when at the home screen which is a tad annoying. I need to stop this by using the button to get straight back to the home page. This return to Go feature was not available on the 1st gen initial iPhone and old habits die hard.

I re-enabled my mobileme email account and so far have not had one item of spam/junk email arriving. Has Apple finally done something behind the scenes to improve their junk filtering? However, I am still syncless when it comes to Contacts and Calendars as I can't get it working again just yet. Oddly, it was working just fine until I turned it off on my MacBook at home and left it for a month. When I went back and turned it back on (prior to updating to v3) the problems started. I've tried some of the fixes suggested in online forums but to no avail yet but to be honest it is not such a big deal anyway. It is one of these things I will eventually get working again so why worry about it?


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