iPhone back on duty

Iphone3g-4678 As I mentioned before the iPhone was pressed back into action at the weekend, dusted down, synced up and is ready to rock again. I wouldn't say this is the end of the line for the Curve 8900, far from it, but I wanted to get a feel for the iPhone again to see if I could reignite that earlier passion. My problem is that I have no real idea what I want from a smartphone, sometimes I think I only need a media centric device and then later I start to miss some of the business style software. The problem with the Curve, as I see it, is that it is master of none but a good jack of all trader whereas the iPhone, for all its fault, excels in so many areas.

I have to say I still think that as a pure phone, the Curve 8900 is quite a bit ahead of the iPhone but that shouldn't be of much consequence to me when you consider how little I actually use these devices as phones. It's like this…the Curve is a better phone, has far better battery life, nicer form factor, superior camera and a better text input system (for me) but is way behind the iPhone when it comes to the o/s, applications and ease of use. So, does that mean it boils down to a battle of superior hardware versus superior useability and software? Looks like it. The apps that I kind of depend on, email, RSS, Twitter, media and databases are way better on the iPhone. A lot of folk will dispute the email superiority and justifiably so but for my relatively simple email useage, one account only, I find the iPhone and push mobileme a far easier system to manage than the BlackBerry fiddly application. I also love the HTML email feature on the iPhone. It may be unnecessary eye-candy but it enhances things for me. RSS and Database style apps are just lame on Blackberry and those are two big areas of useage for me.

One of the good things about going back to iPhone is that I have virtually ignored the new software side of things for weeks so checking out new stuff has been like opening xmas presents on the 25th of December again.


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