iPhone v3

IMG_0030 Okay, I finally got around tonight to updating the iPhone software and it went smoothly and seems to make the phone a bit quicker all round. prior to this I had decided this morning to start using the iPhone again as a phone. Last week, on my MacBook Pro, I turned off mobileme syncing so had to turn it on again. Disaster, my Entourage calendar would not sync and my contacts were wiped out, well not wiped out as they were all still there but all numbers and email addresses vanished.

I then spent ages trying to get things working again to no avail which was a bit of a bummer. I then had to resort to manually updating all contact details again, copying them from the BlackBerry by hand. This was not much fun but at least it gave me a good excuse to prune and clear out duplicates and contacts I have not…errr…contacted for years.

I'm in a dilemna about phones at the moment. I love the 8900 but 3rd party software is a bit hit or miss whereas on the iPhone it is great. A few weeks ago I bought DocstoGo for the iPhone but had not done anything with it until today. It's a bit beta like at the moment in my view and the Excel part is rather lame. I wifi-ed over some Excel files from the desktop and they displayed poorly, not what I expected at all from DataViz.

I also bought SBSH's SafeWallet but can find no way to get my current BBerry wallet across as I don't have wifi on my work PC and there is no mac syncing desktop version. I have no intention of entering everything again manually so appear to be in limbo. If I could get that sorted then I'd probably move back to the iPhone full time especially as I have that car charger and aux lead which lets me play my iPod content via the car stereo. Everything just seems a bit better set up all round for me to use the iPhone, more convenient plus the software is miles better.


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