Michael Jackson is number 1

I don't understand this odd but predictable occurance. Some famous music person dies and everyone dashes out to buy their records, are they scared the record company might suddenly stop selling his records and that everything will become unavailable? Unlikely as last time I looked in HMV they were still selling Bach CD's. Perhaps they should start repackaging his Number Ones album as the "Death Remix".

This whole thing is starting to get creepy with talk of Michael "lying in state" so that everyone can pay their last respects to the "King of Pop", his father (whom he accused of molesting him) getting cut out of the will and the unsavoury autopsy report which revealed that he was in fact as bald as a coot. He was starting to turn into a (I was going to say black but he was more greyish) non-white version of Danny La Rue, who oddly also passsed away recently. Mmmmmm…coincidence?

I'm not meaning to be flippant here but Michael Jackson hadn't done anything remotely decent music wise in the past 10, some might say 15 or 20 years, and Thriller and Off The Wall were released for coming up to 30 years ago…not exactly yesterday. If you watch the Thriller video, what seems like all 4 and a half days of it, it now appears a bit lame. Yeah, it might have been forward thinking at the time and all that but it was severley over-indulgent and a bit repetitive.

You know what is coming now, an unseemly dragging through the courts of his potentially sordid personal life details as the family, friends and debtors fight over the will. Just what he would have wanted….


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