HTC Hero looks good

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Was just checking out some info on the forthcoming HTC Hero, including some videos and it does look like an interesting device. The interface looks tres swish, all swooshy and with a high eye candy factor (always an important feature for gadget monkeys like me).

Looking at the specs, it compares very well with the HTC Magic….in fact I can't see the advantage of going for the latter over the former especially as it is more expensive than the Hero but having said that, I haven't gone into an in depth comparison so I could be missing something major. One especially appealing feature is the 5 mega pixel camera. For a more casual and non power-user type phone person, like myself, a good camera is a bonus. It has certainly been a bonus on my Curve 8900 and I have taken a heck of a lot more pics with it than I ever did with the Treo 680. It's nice to be able to catch those moments and know that the picture quality will be good instead of looking like they have been tumble dried as was the case with the Treo.

Htc hero Of course there is far more to a good smartphone than just nice looks and a flashy camera…decent software for instance. I was having a peruse for Android software and it doesn't look too bad, there are a few RSS readers out there (those available for BlackBerry are strangely 2nd rate) and one or two other things that I feel could do a job. The on board apps, including email and SMS, look nice.

One of the drawbacks of the original Android G1 was the supposedly poor battery life. Battery life on the Curve is amazing and I'm not sure I would want to go back to a phone where it needs to be charged every day, it will be interesting to see if the Hero has a better track record in this area.

People will inevitably compare it to the iPhone but from my perspective I'm comparing it to the Pre. In some respects it already makes the Pre look a bit dated (or is that just me?) via the camera, screen and interface and it is likely to suffer less from poor build quality. The only possible issue for me is lack of keyboard, I'd need the Hero one to be good, have an auto-correct facility and be available in landscape and portrait mode.


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