Good posts at jkontherun

Kevin_jkotr_2 There was a real plethora of good posts at jkontherun today, one of the best websites for all round gadget coverage, and these ones particularly caught my eye. Firstly, a post about the effect that HTC is having on windows mobile with their TouchFlo system. This is something I have mentioned before and it still surprises me that they are so committed to this platform. Put it this way, Microsoft could possibly soon need HTC more than HTC needs windows mobile, it must be costing them a fortune to licence it and there must come a time when HTC will be thinking they can get away with using something else. The less committed of the registry tweakers would no doubt be happy to keep using the interface they have become accustomed to over the past few years on, for example, Android devices and it probably wouldn't take much to entice them elsewehere.

Next up a good post about Kevin Tofel moving to the new iPhone 3GS. I like the way he casually dismisses, quite rightfully, the no doubt soon to come accusations of "fanboi"-ism by pointing out that thye iPhone just suits his needs best. That ultimately should be the numero uno reason for picking a device. Odd that people who continually stick to Nokia or WM devices never get called fanboys…..


One Response to “Good posts at jkontherun”

  1. Kevin C. Tofel Says:

    Thanks for noticing, Murray! I don’t care if folks call me a “fanboi” for any of the many devices I use. If it works for me, then it’s the right device! 😉

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