More on BlackBerry apps…and PodTrapper.

I posted last week about the mediocrity of some BlackBerry software. I also wrote a mini-review of TrackIT, a sort of database software item. I have had some issues with it recently when creating databases which have become really annoying. It wants to sort all fields alphabetically for some reason, even when not asked to. For example, I was setting up a table to track our bank balance and the first column was the month and year. I originally started with "month" as the first column but it would then insist on putting April and August as the first two entries and the rest listed alphabetically. Annoying. No problem I thought, I will change the column to "2007 Month" and that way it won't do anything as it will just list them in the order they were entered.

Podtrapper Nope, it still sorted them alphabetically despite the month name being after the year. I have been through all the settings to see if there is a setting to stop it doing this but to no avail yet, perhaps I am missing something that would make all the difference but I'm struggling to find it. When I then changed the table so that the first column was "year" and then second column "month", it still carried on doing it. A bit disappointing really.

In comparison, however, PodTrapper gets better and better and gets updated regularly. I used to think that the iPod and iPhone way of handling podcasts was the best in the biz but now I am not so sure. When I fire up PodTrapper it automatically updates my subscriptions and downloads the latest episode while I sit there and take it easy and with no intervention on my part. Ten minutes later it is all done for me…aaahhhhhh. That's the way I like it. What a bargain for $9.95. My only mini complaint is that navigating around the playback buttons when starting a podcast can be a bit fiddly, I find it hard to see where the cursor is at times.


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