Top 8 Reasons Why Palm Pre’s Got Nothin’ on BlackBerry

Top 8 Reasons Why Palm Pre’s Got Nothin’ on BlackBerry |

After there "10 reasons why BlackBerry beats the iPhone", inevitably comes the Palm Pre equivalent. Is it just me or are some BlackBerry users the biggest fanboys out there? These sort of posts suggest a degree of insecurity….I've used all the major platforms except Android and can see the plus and minus points in all but hand on heart I could not or never would say that one is so superior all round. If there was then we'd all be using it. I can say, from a personal viewpoint, that there are one or two that I would prefer not to use again until there are some major improvements, as I see it, but I'm not so sure I could say that BlackBerry is way better than all the rest by such a discernible margin.

At the moment it is my preferred choice more through the fact I really like the Curve as a smartphone as opposed to thinking the o/s is so vastly superior. In fact, apps wise it is a bit lacking but I can handle that. One particularly annoying drawback of BlackBerry is this BIS/ BES distinction as a lot of software will work on one connection method but not the other, a feature that does fortunately does not apply to other platforms. Also, it can be a lottery sometimes getting some apps to connect to the internet. I've never managed for example, to get MobiPocket working , whereas others using the same phone have had no problems.


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