Rip it up

I had some HMV vouchers for my birthday a few weeks back, my son Edwin also had some pocket money he'd been saving up for a while with the aim of getting an iPod Touch  so Sunday afternoon we headed into town and bought a 16gb model, it was about £50 more than the 8gb model but has twice the storage and as he likes to watch films on the go, and bearing in mind how large the file sizes can be, I felt it was better to spend more and get double the capacity.

Dvdremaster_advanced The box is small and does not come with a mains charger which is a bit mean for a £215 device but I suppose if it did come with a charger it would be £25 more and I suppose many people out there already have a suitable mains charger from a previous iPod or iPhone. Once it is out it is amazing to see how thin it is in comparison to the iPhone. Pretty soon he was pestering me to get it all set up and to add on some music, photos, download some free games, set up his email and stuff and then later on, once that was done, came the bit I was dreading……he wanted to load some films on. Yikes, this can be a tiresome and horribly long event.

In the recent MacUpdate bundle, which I bought, it came with Ripit and DVD ReMaster Pro. The former application "rips" encrypted DVD's and then the latter converts them into a suitable viewing format for wherever you wish t watch them. First film he wanted on his iPod Touch was "School of Rock". This DVD was encrypted so I had to use RipIt. It took about 45 minutes to do so and then I loaded up DVD ReMaster Pro, followed the preset settings for "iPod Touch", actually there are about 6 different quality settings, ticked the box that said "remove black borders" and then pressed start. I went for "normal" settings as that was semi-recommended. Forty minutes later it was finished and the quality was excellent. The file size was 1.1gb though, still quite high although the original DVD size was over 7gb. I might try the lowest setting next and see how that reduces the file size as I would like to get it down to about 500mb per film. Nonetheless, I was impressed by how quick the app was in comparison to HandBrake which can take hours to convert a film. DVD ReMaster Pro is not cheap but it is quick and you have lots of control over settings so if speed is an important issue then you may wish to have a look.

If the DVD had not been encrypted then thw whole process would just have taken around 45 minutes. No doubt the next setting down will be even quicker. 

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