MacUpdate Promo ends soon

i've become a right sucker for these mac software bundle things and couldn't stop myself splashing out the £35 or so for the latest MacUpdate one. I feel this one on reflections, is better than the last MacHeist one for my needs as it has a few more things that I may actually use. The MacHeist one I mainly bought as it has Drive Genuis included but that app turned out to be a bit of a disappointment to use so it has now been replaced by Tech Tools Pro which is part of the MacUpdate bundle.

Paperless for mac Also included is a copy of Parallels Desktop for mac (unsurprisingly enough) and I must now finally get around to installing some form of Windows software as that would make syncing with smartphnes using the native windows desktops easier and I could then dispense with the multitude of 3rd party apps already installed.

Of interest too may be DVD Remaster Pro 5, I already use version 4 and can recommend it. This saves me having to pay the upgrade fee. It is way faster than the free Handbrake, excellent thought the latter is once you use something like DVD ReMaster Pro you won't go back. RipIt for the mac comes with the bundle too. I should now be well covered for all my DVD ripping requirements.

There are no games included this time around, not that I have ever used any of them anyway and stuff like MoneyWell and Posterino should be more useful to me. Multiplex is something I'm not entirely sure what is meant to do, it didn't find my existing DVD's ripped to the hard drive so I will need to investigate further how to get it functioning properly, NetBarrier X5 also came with MacHeist bundle and I didn't use it as I don't like the idea of things constantly running in the background and possibly slowing down the o/s, Paperless offers "digital document" management and seems to be a repository for receipts and stuff but items need to be scanned in and I ain't got no scanner!

There are a couple more apps I think that I've not bothered to download as yet. The drawback of these bundle things is suddenly having a whole host of new serial codes to store and a whole bunch of apps to install. I tend to just download the dmg files, stick them on an external HD and load them/install when I have the time over the course of a week or so rather than having to get them all up and running straight away. That saves having multiple windows open on my mac and having files downloading in the background, a new app opening up and asking for a reg code and variosu other windows open. Confusing.


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