No trial applications on BlackBerry

Blackberry flip I'm coming across quite a few bits of software for BlackBerry that sound and look quite good but do not offer any trial version. I'm immediately suspicious of such apps, I feel if it is as good as the developer is making it out to be then why not offer a trial version? Surely if it shit hot then they have nothing to hide. I mention all this because I bought a couple of apps recently that had no trials and they both turned out to be mediocre at best. I wasn't going to name them but what the heck, it may save someone else wasting some dosh….Ultra Podcast Player and got-2 Pro. I must add however that there is nothing wrong with the vendor, far from it, they are responsibility free in this department.

Ultra Podcast Player was buggy, some of the menu commands wouldn't work and it caused my Curve to completely freeze up so be warned. Got-2 Pro was okay but had I trialled it first there is no way I would have bought it, it didn't seem to want to display calendar entries more than a week in advance in the list view and for $8.95, well frankly you expect a bit more.

I also noticed this bit of software which I also wanted to try out but at $24.95 there is no way on earth I am paying so much out without being able to fully trial it first, especially as some of the reviews were a bit iffy. I don't see what the issue is with these developers, does it cost more to offer a trial first? Possibly so which may explain it.


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