iPhone 3GS reaction

Iphone3g-4678 Interesting to read on the web about the forthcoming new iPhone and to gauge reaction from different sites. Symbian Guru made some interesting points, some negative and some positive in the way that it will be received in the US in comparison to the N97. One big thing they clearly miss though when describing the N97 as being better in almost every way is the fact that Apple's version totally wipes the floor with it when it comes to 3rd party software and that is a hugely important feature for a lot of people.

The Nokia N97, which trumps the new iPhone in nearly every way (other than the processor)….is going to cost $699.99, again without contract. Neither of these phones from Nokia are available through any carrier, and are only really carried in Nokia’s 2 Flagship stores, one in Chicago and one in New York. Contrast that to the iPhone being offered in all of Apple’s retail stores, all of AT&T’s corporate stores, Wal-Mart, and Best Buy, well, there’s not much more to say.

The iPhoneBlog weigh in positively, as you would expect, when discussing the issue of whether it is worth upgrading and they make some good points but I'm personally still not convinced.

The next thing I’ve been hearing an awful lot is “there are not enough updates to warrant me upgrading” or “I expected a lot more from Apple”. I think that too many people expect Apple to revolutionize the cell phone market every year with an entirely new iPhone. Wake up call — it’s not going to happen! They did it once with the first generation iPhone that revolutionized the market and each year since then they’ve improved upon it. And the improvements are not irrelevant like some of you may think…

The upgrade issue is not an issue for me but I have read some churlish comments on blogs, people saying this is why they would never buy an iPhone. As if their carrier lets them upgrade half way through a contract to a newer and better device for absolutely no cost and without having to pay for the remainder of the contract…yeah right. That's a really common event isn't it? Bottom line is that the carriers, such as o2, are a business and allowing people to upgrade before the end of their contract is not in their financial interests. If I really really wanted the new 3GS then I would probably stump up the readies but at the moment I don't feel I need it.


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