TrackIT for BlackBerry

I forgot that I'd purchased this a couple of years ago when I had my first Curve smartphone and stumbled across it when I was looking for something else. It is a list type application for BlackBerry, not unlike the likes of HandBase and ListPro although it is not quite as fully featured as the latter two. Personally, I would much prefer to use ListPro over it if it were available for the platform but it ain't so there….Anyway, I was able to go onto the site and change the activation code quite easily to get a new code for my different BlackBerry PIN number.

TrackIT for BlackBerry Although it has been a couple of years since I last used it I found it quite straightforward to set up some new databases. Those who have not used it before may find some of the menu commands a bit quirky as it doesn't seem to follow all the standard BlackBerry button options for some reasons.One major benefit of the software is that it allows you to import existing Excel spreadsheets, these need to be saved in CSV format and you need to add "x-rimdevice" to the name of the spreadsheet and then email it to your BlackBerry. Quite simple to do if a little clunky. Once the document is in TrackIT on your device you then need to go into "menu" and re-add the column names for each column and then hey presto….a nicely formatted table appears.

On the Curve 8900, and this may have something to do with the hi-res screen, when you set up a database that includes a checkbox for some reason the checkbox size is tiny and you can barely see if an item in a list has been ticked. A bit annoying and it tends to defeat severely the checkbox facility. When adding "fields" there is a good choice of different labels (text/list/currency/numbers/checkbox/radio buttons etc etc) so most people should find what they need.

It's not cheap at $24.95 but that can be symptomatic of the platform, a shortage of available options means that there is not much competition for certain types of apps and hence higher prices can be charged. Another drawback is that there is no way of two way syncing documents in terms of changes to them, so, if you make changes to the desktop sheet then you have to go through the whole import process again. This type of app then is possibly best viewed as being most useful when you are only concerned about maintaining and updating the on device document.

Compared to the likes of ListPro it is over-priced and a bit under-powered but what the heck, it does a job and is fairly easy to use and in my view is the best of breed in this sector of software.


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