Myst for iPhone

Imyst1 I don't buy many games for the iPhone but felt compelled to buy Myst as it looked like the sort of thing I would enjoy and to date I have found it very entertaining. This is not your average shoot em up or racing style game, nor do you have move bricks or jewels or whatever from one screen to another. Nope, this is a port of the classic and much loved PC puzzler.  You find yourself dropped onto a mysterious island and have to solve various puzzles to help move through the game. It is paced in a fairly leisurely manner and is not for those who like speed and relentless action from their games.

Be warned though as the initial download is a whopping 700mb so you may have to delete some of those MP3's you haven't listened to in 2 years to find space for it. The big size though means that the developers have been able to cram a huge amount of the original into the iPhone version. So far I am really enjoying it, I like the fact that I can play at my own pace, save anywhere I want and also that the puzzles are genuinely quite demanding. At only £3.99 for such a great game it really is a bargain and it looks like it will give many hours of enjoyment.


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