HTC Touch Pro2 Review (the really long Part 3)

HTC Touch Pro2 Review (the really long Part 3).

Htc touch pro 2 Direct from the masters of the classic unboxing videos comes this comprehensive review of the HTC Touch Pro2. This site has a real, almost nerdy windows mobile bias possibly exemplified by this extract:

The phone is simply stunningly designed for ease of use, complete
usability, an almost zero learning curve and a bundle of features that
makes even James Bond wish "Q" had invented this when he was in a tight

Zero learning curve?! Not so sure about for people with no previous windows mobile experience but nonetheless the 3 part review is comprehensive and very well worth reading for those considering this powerful device.

Personally it has been some time since I bought an HTC branded smartphone.


2 Responses to “HTC Touch Pro2 Review (the really long Part 3)”

  1. Mobile Developer Says:

    I have been waiting for the Touch Pro 2 running windows mobile 6.5… I love my Touch Pro running windows mobile 6.1 and from everything that I have read and seen I just can’t wait for the new phone with the new windows mobile and version of touch flo.

  2. chenjiaqi Says:

    i love htc and i use diamond2 now.i always download the free mobile phone ringtones at

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