God help us all…

A new series of the utterly tedious Big Brother has begun, they just don't know when to let go do they? Mind you, when there is a seemingly never ending queue of halfwitted wannabees, losers in life and the sort of person who is just trying too hard to be different then it is not surprising it is being wheeled out for another tedious summer stint.

These clowns are so dense they forget that over the past 2 or 3 series the eventual winner has thankfully vanished from the public eye about 5 seconds after they left the "house" and thus the impact and subsequent fame and fortune has been somewhat diluted…hoorah. These are the sort of people you would never tire of slapping as they'd get on your nerves at a party within about 0.2 nano-seconds with their futile attempts to be wacky and different. Channel 4 should be fined a huge amount of money for having the affrontery to put this utter guff on our screens year after year.

My pal at Random Dumber Generator says it all rather nicely…..


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