Asus P320 and HTC Snap

Shaun at PDA247 has been reviewing the Asus P320 which can probably be described as a budget Win Mob device, lacking as it does 3g. Still, at face value it looks decent for a sub £200 smartphone with reasonable specs until you realise that a few months ago o2 had their XDA Zest available to buy for a very similar price, unlocked too, and with much better specs. I presume this phone is still available to buy and being an o2 handset, it is apparantly unlocked. The Zest also has a much faster processor and better screen so should also be considered.

Htc-snap-m Shaun has also been Tweeting about the new HTC Snap, the long awaited true follow up to the HTC/T-Mobile Dash which  was a very well received messaging smartphone from a few years back. HTC did have the S620, which I had for a few months and was relatively unimpressed by, but this new Snap looks like it could be a decent seller. The original lacked 3G whilst this one has that plus the faster HSDPA and a powerful processor, plenty memory and thus should be a bit of a flier. The Snap looks nice but the camera does not look up to scratch compared to that on the Curve (I have got used to having a decent camera on a smartphone and would miss it) whilst on the plus side the WM device has a better selection of software and what may be a better keyboard than the Curve although it is probably a close call.

I find myself semi-tempted by the Curve, my experiences of non-touchscreened Win Mob devices are far less painful than their touchscreened bretheren but I would miss the push email and better form factor of the Curve. I will wait to see Shaun's full review before taking it any further. Can't say I'm convinced it would be any better than the Curve though.


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