Evernote available finally for BlackBerry

Evernote-blackberry-curve-8300 Out and about right now and available for OTA download. Link is via CrackBerry, my favourite BB site and always good for a giggle, sometimes for the wrong reasons.

I had a spell using Evernote on my mac but then stopped using it as I think I had better ways to sync notes and stuff on the iPhone and Palm Treo. However, there is, in my view, no better way available at present on the Curve so I downloaded the application (which is free) to give it a run out. So far so good. I will need to redownload and re-install the mac client and then try and hopefully sync across the stuff I had sgtored. The good thing about Evernote, well actually there are several good things, is that it is available for different platforms including Win Mob and the iPhone and thus if you change device platform the chances are you will be able to keep access to your important stored info. The app seems ideally suited to for Palm Web O/S, being cloud based so may become available for it too. Once I have it up and running I will report back to base.


One Response to “Evernote available finally for BlackBerry”

  1. dave Says:

    Unfortunately the BB Evernote application does not store any notes on the BB locally – it simply runs the BB Browser to display your notes. Therefore you can’t see your notes if you are out of comm range.
    However it does make it easy to upload new notes to Evernote.

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