New Dons kit for 09/10

0,,10284~5978557,00 Hmmm. Not sure about this one for several reasons. Firstly, we have never played in a hooped strip as a first kit in our history so why we are starting now is a mystery. Secondly, it looks like the sort of sweater that casuals wore back in the 80's which is not a good look. Our recent Nike kits have been of a generic style, they don't design a strip for us we just choose one of their standard designs, the sort of thing you can find in those sportswear catalogues at JJB Sports. Plus, it looks a bit ill matched with the plain red shorts.

I suppose the aim was to mimic one of the 80's strips we wore during our glory years but even then the pin-stripes was just that, a pin stripe. It's a pity we couldn't mimic/replicate some of the players from that era.


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