LifeDrive and typing

Free memory This LifeDrive thing has a nice big screen but oddly is stuck with the rather small and for me, rather hopeless keyboard, if you do not wish to use Graffiti. My problem is that I am neither proficient at Graffiti text entry nor good at using the keyboard. I do use the LifeDrive with the Palm wireless keyboard but find trying to enter text quickly when it is not around tiresome. I then remembered that years ago I bought this bit of software, probably for the T5 I had years ago (very reset prone device that one) so thought I would give it a whirl. Luckily there was no upgarde fee needed otherwise I'd have just left it as the version I bought is still useable. Just shows I suppose how little development has gone on through the years with some bits of software.

Anyway, it still works quite well and is a distinct improvement over the built in effort. The biggest plus point for me is that you can use your fingers to type on the screen and can leave the stylus holstered. The only possible drawback is that after I installed it and then tried to do an updated backup with Resco backup it caused a reset, twice in fact. However, starting a fresh backup seems to have resolved the matter.

The application can be launched just by pressing the right dpad key and can also be used in LifeDrive landscape mode.


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