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ShortcutMe New for BlackBerry is this 'shortcut" type application. Personally, I have been very happy using QuikLaunch for the last couple of months, available in demo form here, and I think I will keep on using it in preference to this new app. It's a comfort type of thing I reckon as I am more used to the old school launcher type menu, I like to see a menu appear rather than using the keyboard to enter shortcuts. Half the time I foget which keyboard combinations of presses I have set up for each application.

ShortcutMe is a must have application for your BlackBerry®. It makes your device extremely handy and user-friendly.
is a response to what you always felt was missing with your
BlackBerry®, ability to assign 6 applications to side keys (i.e. double
click to lock your device, triple click to clean memory, double click
to turn your blackberry® into a flash light), create your own shortcuts
to quickly launch your favorite app form anywhere, or for calling,
emailing or SMS a friend.
Create shortcuts for a new Memo/Task, toggle the Wifi/Radio, open a favorite website.
shortcuts to easily launch applications like: Address Book, Alarm,
BlackBerry® Messenger, Brick Breaker, Browser, Calculator,Calendar,
Camera, Clock, Face book, Flash Light, Garmin Mobile, Global Search,
Google Mobile App, Help, Home Screen, LBS, Lock, Manage Connections,
Memo Pad, Memory Cleaner, Messages, My Space, Options, Phone, Profiles,
Tasks, TeleNav, Twitter Berry, Video Recorder, Voice Dialling, Voice
Notes Recorder, and many other popular 3rd party applications.

One Response to “ShortcutMe for BlackBerry”

  1. Peter Says:

    The nice thing about ShortcutMe is that, if you know your shortcuts, then you are fast like hell switching to a new app or launching a task (call someone, open a web page, etc).
    A Crackberry user comment about ShortcutMe:
    “The speed of this application is impressive. Even me trying to crash it on
    purpose, it takes it like a champ. Multi-tasking is actually pretty easy
    with this. Once you learn all of your shortcuts, you will be zipping through
    them like a hot knife through butter”
    Those who can’t remember their own created shortcuts, can browse and launch shortcuts like Quick Launch except that ShortcutMe’s UI allows them to learn their shortcuts over time and become faster and faster using shortcuts than browsing.
    In addition ShortcutMe’s UI is more suited for browsing because of it’s capability to assign color to each shortcut and it’s capability to show many more shortcuts on one screen than QL.

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