iPhone…who will be upgrading?

The iPhone is great for software, most of it is on the light side but I can spend an hour or so playing games or listening to podcasts whereas I very seldom sit with the BlackBerry and tinker. Sure it can play podcasts too but I just find it more cumbersome to get them onto the Curve whilst 3rd party games are just not up to scratch generally when compared to their iPhone counterparts.

IMG_0030 However, I just sort of realised that I don't actually like the iPhone design in comparison to the Curve. The iPhone is a bit of a slab, it desperately needs a button or two or something, I'm no design expert, to break up the slabbiness of it. Apple can keep this minimalist approach, I like my buttons. If the next iPhone is the same size and shape I think I will end up giving it a miss. It may well have a better camera but the one on the Curve is really rather decent anyway so that is one valid reason not to upgrade. Any GPS upgrade is of absolutely no consequence to me and the same goes for all that background "notifications" issue. Video recording would admittedly be nice but I already have the very portable Kodak Zi16 HD videocam and that is very pocketable and the output is way above anything the iPhone is likely to offer quality-wise.

The keyboard thing I can take or leave it. In an ideal world I would take a qwerty pad phone anyday of the week but the compromise is a smaller screen. I think the iPhone needs to keep that big screen to keep an advantage, I'm not sure a lot of the iPhone apps, particularly games, would be nearly as good on a smaller screened device so this sort of forces Apple's hands or rather constrains them to keep it big. The Pre looks to have the best of both worlds here with a decent sized high quality screen and a slide out keypad (without having to manoevre the device) and that could well become my favourite form factor. Don't get me wrong, I still love the iPhone but I find that it is the ease of use, mac syncing and the applications that appeal most…the actual device itself form factor wise I can take or leave it and it's going to have to become less slabby and a bit smaller before I consider upgrading.

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One Response to “iPhone…who will be upgrading?”

  1. Chad Garrett Says:

    I think I will be buying a Pre first to check it out.

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