Dons in Europe and Jimmy leaves

Afc 2 hibs 1 may 2009 What a strange Sunday afternoon this has been. Here's the scenario before kick off. The Dons have to beat Hibs and hope that Dundee Utd lose to Rangers. Sounds simple enough but this means that if Rangers win they win the title which puts me in an awkward situation. Any sane minded non-Rangers supporter has a hatred of them that is hard to explain but stems from years of being diddled out of points through dodgy west coast referees, a loathing of their ludicrous inbred religous bigotry (not that Celtic at times can be much better on that front) and the incessant media fascination up here with both halves of what we call "the bigot brothers".

Anyway, any port in a storm as they say and 2 hours later Utd had been humped like the perenial losers they are whilst our majestic flowing football proved to be too good for the Hibees. End result, the Dandy Dons are back in Europe next season despite only winning about 3 of their last 15 league games. Don't ask me how we did it but we did.

Craig Levein, mucho whinging and sour pussed (but strangely likeable) manager of  "Yiniteed" had implied before the match that Utd were more deserving of a place in Europe than Aberdeen, obviously forgetting that the League ends after the last game and not a couple of games before. What he forgets is that we were basically pish for most of the season (and were bottom in November) yet still managed to finish above them which may say more about them than it does about us. The word "chokers" springs to mind.

A few hours later the club announces that Manager Jimmy Calderwwod and his back room staff are leaving by "mutual consent" which comes as a surprise. Jimmy says that after 5 years in charge it is time for a fresh challenge. Fair enough, our League record in his 5 years in charge has been good but our domestic cup record during that period was frankly dismal with numerous defeats to lower league clubs. It will be interesting to see who is being lined up in his place.

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  1. elbowz Says:

    Congrats, but really its about time the SPL did something to close the gap between the top two and the rest of the league – maybe a split of the money that rewards teams for not being Celtic or Rangers…

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