LifeDrive…das bomber and PDAHut

Handetta leather pda case 24 hours after my historic operation on the LifeDrive innards, there is no evidence of anything untoward lurking below the surface. The battery has been a bit iffy but I always find it takes a good few days for any new battery to get itself into the swing of things and able to hold a full charge in a normal manner. One thing I forgot to mention was that the device is far quicker to boot up now with the CF Card installed, around 25 seconds compared to the minute plus beforehand.

As a special treat for the big fella, I have ordered up a Handetta leather case for it. I used to always go for metal cases but now I think they look a bit cheapo these days in that sparkly silver that seems to be de rigeur from the likes of Proporta and PDAir. In addition, some of them are a bugger to get the device out. I remember Shaun at PDA247 raving about the quality of Handetta cases before (I think it was Handetta anyway). If it wasn't then I have possibly wasted 30 odd quid.

I can recommend the online pdahut store for getting accessories for older PDA's here in the UK, I find them to offer a quick service and the prices are okay too. Proporta are okay, a wide choice of stuff but their postage costs for Next Day Delivery are a nonsense. You do get a nice tea bag with it though.

The new improved LifeDrive is without a doubt much quicker. For example, using Resco Neeews for RSS on the microdrive version resulted in a 1 minute delay when existing the app as it had to cache the feeds. Now, it is only a couple of seconds delay.

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