Strange day on the retro PDA front

Well, I had the Clie TG50 working for about one full day and then I decided, as the battery life was basically pap, that I would do some DIY repairs and replace it with a new one purchased off eBay. Not a good idea. Getting the old one out was not as easy as anticipated, I unscrewed the side battery tray drawer, unplugged it from the connector and then tried to prise it out. Tricky. Eventually, I got it out but may have applied too much force in doing so. The new battery was then squeezed in but got stuck so I pulled it out and tried to remove the entire back of the Clie by unscrewing all the little screws.

Sony clie tg50 That is where things started to go awry. I got all the screws out but could not prise the back off, the side with the side jog wheel and controls were stopping it coming off and I couldn't work out a way to get the cover off around it. Back to square one then. Unfortunately, I stupidly forgot to record details of which screw went into which hole. First major ooops.

Nvermind, upwards and onwards and all that. I went back to the battery situation. I peered inside the Clie innards via the battery slot and saw that there were quite a few "wire" type things in the space that should have been occupied solely by the battery. My thought then was "how the heck was I going to get the battery back in there without getting it caught up with those connector type leads". I sensed trouble.

Getting the new battery back in was not easy, it did not slide in with the hot knife through butter ease I hoped for. Still, I got it back in eventually, connected it back in and then attached the charger. Bingo, it was charging. Jubilant I then screwed the cover back on thinking, I'll sort out the "screw" issue later on. Unfortunately when I slid the power button down to switch it back on…..nothing. Oh dear. Thinking it might just have been because the new battery was very low on charge, I left it for an hour but still no joy. I then tried a reset and was brielfy encouraged to hear the chimes of the familiar Sony Clie start up process but at the end of it….still no sign of any screen life.

Looks like when I was pushing the battery back in I must have broken/dislodged something linked to the screen, if I could get the back cover off completely I might be able to have a better look inside but I can't so it looks like I have one dead TG50. Anybody know of a UK based PDA repair service?

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  1. Erik Says:

    I just sold a TG50 and apparently it had a wonky battery. The buyer attempted a replacement and pulled the ribbon cables out of their sockets. This is an easy fix that I just performed.
    You do need to take the three screws off the back, two on the side opposite the controls, and two underneath the cover hinge (remove the cover to get to them).
    Once those seven screws are out, you can pry the back off…being careful not to yank too hard. Go from the bottom up and once you reach the top you angle it up a bit to avoid pulling the headphone socket off, etc. It’s quite easy and if you go slow you will get it off. It may seem like you are going to break something on the side with the controls, but you won’t (pull with a firm and smooth motion).
    The trick will be getting the ribbon cables back in with the battery as well. It helps to remove three screws from the circuit board so you can lift it up just a bit to get the battery in with the ribbon cables underneath. So far this one is working fine.

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