The Madness continues….

I seem to be in some kind of retro Palm meltdown at the moment, not content with wasting money on the Tungsten W an d then semi-wasting money on the LifeDrive, which actually is working just fine now apart from the no syncing issues on my MacBook Pro, I had to then go out and spend the last of my eBay money fund on a Sony Clie TG50. I had one of these about three years ago and hated it which makes purchasing another one even dafter. I like the TH55 though and thought I should give it another chance. The one thing I have struggled with on the TH55 is the lack of a keyboard so I have made a trade off, losing a chunk of screen for a keyboard.

Sony clie tg50 The TG50 arrived at the weekend and I spent some time getting it up and running. Battery life on older devices is a major concern but I have a spare battery which I bought for the TH55, but never used, and luckily it also fits the TG50 so I have an option there if needed. One major drawback of an older device, and this is something you just take for granted on newer Palm devices, is the lack of memory. The TG50 only has 16mb of which only 11mb is available to the user. I suspect PowerRun will be needed here and some of the chunkier apps, like SnapperMail and DocstoGo will have to be installed to the card via it. Not ideal but I suspect I won't use Snapper much anyway as there is no wifi on the Clie and therefore the only way of getting email will be to connect via Bluetooth to a suitable phone….remember those days? I may have to purchase an older phone to do so.

I'm going to install TMP, Resco Backup, PowerRun, FontSmoother, Resco Neeews, ListPro, eWallet, MobiPocket, 4Cast and Uninstall Manager into memory and anything else will need to go onto the SD card. I will try to get back with the multitude of Sony's own software for stuff like photos and movies and File Management to save space.

One thing about most Clie's is that they feel like a million dollars, this one is metal and has a flip cover, it is thinner than the TH55 but slightly longer. I just love the idea of flip protective covers, must be something to do with my formative years watching the original Star Trek series, phasers on stun and all that. I much prefer having the jog wheel on the left hand side of the device as opposed to the odd placement on the more powerful TH55. It will also work with the lovely Sony foldaway keyboard that I already own and the chargers and sync cables for the TH55 also work on it.

So far, I prefer it to the LifeDrive even although the latter has better specs (wifi, more memory, bigger screen etc etc). For those interested, here are a couple of original reviews of the TG50 from when it came out in 2003. One from PalminfoCentre and one from The Gadgeteer, they are both positive but you have to remember they are reviewing from a 2003 standpoint and the advances in technology since would probably make them think again if they were reviewing them again now.

I just love these old PDA's. I still use them on a daily basis as it gives me access to all the info I have secreted away on the Palm o/s down the years and which is well nigh impossible to get out and onto a newer phone. Plus, there are some apps I want that I can't get for the Curve or iPhone and it makes me worry less about not having them. Sure, they are a bit clunky and oversized in comparison to todays smartphones and have less features and less connectivity options but there is just something about them that I like and make me want to keep using them. I suspect I am not alone…..


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