LifeDrive update

Last night turned out to be painful. Try as I could, the darn thing would not hotsync to Missing Sync on my mac. Eventually I had to resort to setting up a Bluetooth wireless sync in order to install the updater and that took ages as the updater is 20 plus mb in size, really not fun. I finished up after 10 o'clock feeling pretty fed up and stuck it away in my gadget bag in a petulant fashion.

Palm_life_drive-1 In the morning the old confidence returned, was I going to let some silly gadget beat me? Hah…no chance. Feeling revitalised and again full of hope I took it into work where firstly I stuck it back on the charger and left it for a full 4 hours, hoping that the suspect battery would would turn out to be okay. I had the same problem with my Clie TH55 on arrival, it took a long time charging before it was up to 100% and more importantly, was able to keep that charge instead of swiftly dropping down to about 70%.

Battery concerns always leave me worried, I feel that horrible sinking feeling with older devices in case the battery turns out to be a dud and I am then faced with the horrendous prospect of swapping it out. Yuk. Luckily, the long charge looks to have done the trick and it is now dropping in a manner you would expect with normal useage. Even better though was that I was able to finally connect via Palm Desktop and perform a hotsync but I had to push in the sync and charge connector to get things moving. Now it's up and running properly with a bunch of apps loaded on. What about that famous lag with the built in hard drive though? Well, I can report that yes, it is indeed there. It seems quite random to me though, at times opening apps or moving within an opened one is as you would expect from a high-end Palm device and at other times there is a 3/4/5 second (annoying) delay, entirely unbefitting of a high-end Palm device. I've not had any resets yet though, surely a bonus although those who installed the LifeDrive updater did report it being more stable so perhaps that is to be expected.

I must say I do like it though, it has a heft and solidness that is appealing, the menu buttons on the bottom and d-pad are very nice to use, the screen is big and bright and it is good to have working wifi on a pda again. One more problem though, I can't get the Drive Mode application to work on my work PC, the app tells me it is connected but the "drive" does not show up on the PC so I have been unable, as yet, to load stuff onto the hard drive. I might load on something like CardExport and see if I can connect through that. I can't decide at this point if it is better than the Clie TH55 or not, both have things in their favour, as you would expect.


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