LifeDrive in the “house”

This arrived this morning, very nicely packed I must say it was too. For some reason the guy who sold it must have decided not to bother doing a hard reset so all his information was there to see. He also decided not to bother giving the screen a clean, it was manky. I think that is just rudeness, I always give these things a good clean prior to sending on to the new owner….it's just manners after all and doesn't taken long.

LifeDrive_microdrive I tried to install the LifeDrive updater at work today but I had some issues, it was hard getting the device to connect to the desktop via Palm Desktop and when it eventually did connect it sort of packed up near the end. I have some fears about this device, I reckon there is a problem with the battery as it took an eternity to fully charge and then fell to 84% within about 0.2 seconds of taking it off the charger. It also seems to switch itself off for no apparant reason, requiring a soft reset to bring it back to life. Hmmmm….initial signs are not that encouraging. I will give it a couple of full charges before deciding whether it needs a battery replacement. A major advantage so far for me has been its' ability to connect to my home network via WPA security without the need to downgrade gto WEP like I would have needed to with the TH55.

It is quite a big device but not as heavy as you think it might be from its looks. It is slightly bigger all round than the TH55 Clie but lighter. The guy described this on eBay as being condition 9.5 out of 10 which is being a trifle generous in my opinion. I'd have thought 8 out of 10 would be more reasonable, it's not bad by any means but has one or two minor chips in the casing and there is a small dent in the screen. Not really noticeable unless you are looking for it….which I was. I'm going to try and reinstall the updater via my MacBook Pro tonight and then finally load on some applications. I must say though it looks and feels like a nice device, quite classy and creak free. I'm hoping I can get this thing working how I'd like it to work….


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