Palm Pre applications

Saville It has been a bit quiet with regard to 3rd party software for the Pre, I can't recall seeing many developer announcements along the lines of "we're porting our Palm apps over", you'd have thought some would have given the word if they were planning to launch anything. I doubt whether Palm would ban them from saying anything. Developers announcing plans to support the Pre would be excellent publicity for Palm after all yet so far, very little.

This could mean several things, the obvious one being that developers just aren't embracing the future Pre with any degree of enthusiasm and don't see it as a potentially profitable o/s to work on. Along the same lines, with the recent-ish launches of the iPhone and Android operating systems the market is now quite crowded and developers can't afford to stretch themselves by developing for multiple platforms. They may be waiting of course to see whether it turns out to be a successful smartphone before deciding whether or not to throw their weight behind it and if so, people may need to take advantage of the "classic" feature for a while.

This whole pre-Pre thing just seems to have slowed down completely, they had a window of opportunity a few months back to get something rather special looking out in the market ahead of the opposition but now, with new Android stuff and the substantially revised and improved iPhone looming you have to ask if they have blown it. Palm's timing down the years has just got worse, they must have thought the Pre was ready-ish for market when announced back in January otherwise why let the cat out of the bag and completetly shaft future Centro sales, hardly in their best interests. This thing is getting delayed and delayed behind the scenes and something is amiss.

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2 Responses to “Palm Pre applications”

  1. Dan Says:

    I agree that the pre is definately long overdue. And they have basically given the competition enough time to re-asses there game plans. Now its just a matter of will pre live up to its original hype.

  2. Palm Pre Applications Says:

    Any idea how developers can protect their source code if all applications are going to be built with client-readable HTML5/JS/CSS ?

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