Doomed on the gaming front..

Doom3 Doomed?…games…geddit?

Oh, I'm too clever for my own good….ahem.

So, having abandoned the xbox 360 for unreliability and switched to the PS3 a mere three weeks ago guess what happens, yep, the PS3 packs up. Isn't that great? I hot footed it back to HMV expecting a battle and expecting them to first offer a repair but I had studied up on my rights in advance and knew that under the Sale of Goods Act it would be deemed as being of "unmerchantable" quality and thus I could expect a refund / replacement on the spot. Luckily it never got around to that as they tested it out, agreed it was dead as a dodo and gave me a brand new one in exchange. That is one major advantage of buying these sort of goods from a High Street store, if it goes kaput you can march straight back down as opposed to having to deal with an online retailer and the extra hassle that would cause, not to mention the time delay in getting a replacement.

Still, it is hardly encouraging is it? These gaming consoles are turning out to be a complete pain. Other people have had no problem with theirs but my tale is somewhat different. Hopefully, this will be an end to the woes endured to date.


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