BlackBerry StockManager

You can get the free and rather good Bloomberg finance application for your RIM device via the AppVillage store. There are also several bits of software that purport to add some extra functionality if you are trying to track a portfolio of shares or funds, indeed some of them are quite pricey. I came across one that I think is quite good and which sacrificies a bit of the stuff that most people may not need, this makes it much cheaper and at $4.95 it is good value.

Stock manager The application is called Stock Manager and it gives you the ability to construct a portfolio on the home page which lists all your holdings whether they be listed on the FTSE or NASDAQ or wherever so there is cross exchange compatability. If you click on each holding you are taken to a page providing a lot more info and related news on that particular share, well you would be if you were able to get a working internet connection. I can download the latest prices on the opening screen no problem but when I then try to get more info and news on that share it tells me that I need a working internet connection. Hmmmm. I have edited the application "permissions" to no avail. Another example of one of the BlackBerry o/s oddities, how some apps can connect automatically with no settings changes and others just refuse to do the same.

Updates to prices can be set from 1 minute (yikes) to 60 minutes but I would like a manual refresh updating facility as I really don't need to check the values more than once a day (I ain't got that much invested to worry about). You can also add in Indices, such as the FTSE and Dow Jones and all the 'symbols" you need to add stuff in can be found by doing a search at Yahoo Finance.

I'll need to persevere trying to get the full application features working and if so I reckon this will be a very good little bit of software offering just enough features and info for the price. If you need all those graphs and in depth analysis then look elsewhere though, I don't so this is perfect although having the news updates would be useful.


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