DDH Software – HanDBase for Mac

DDH Software – HanDBase for Mac.

I think I saw somewhere that this has been updated (or was it just the iPhone version?) and it is about time too if it has as the original mac conduit was errr…..not that good.

Import and Export data into HanDBase using
the HanDBase for Mac program. Install files to HanDBase on your mobile
device such as an iPhone, iPod touch, or Palm OS device. Add and edit
records in your database, search and sort your data.

I have HandBase on my iPhone and use it now and again but the relative hassle of getting databases on and off the iPhone detracts. This claims to make this task a lot easier if there is direct syncing plus you can now edit records….or can you? Strangely though, if you read further down the page they say they have "big plans" for the mac desktop conduit including the ability to edit records. This obviously contradicts the bit posted above.

The iPhone version is okay but I find it to be a bit clunky, trying to change the width of the fields in the main display screen is a right royal pain although that is one of the things that may have been changed in the update, if I recall correctly (unlikely though).

HandBase is one of those apps that I have used for a while, starting off with the sterling Palm version, and down the years I have accumulated quite a few databases, all scattered around various laptops and desktops. I really must try and get them all together in the one place one day.

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2 Responses to “DDH Software – HanDBase for Mac”

  1. Luca Says:

    Have you tried Bento for both Mac and iPhone?
    Not knowing your database needs, perhaps it functionality may be limited for you, however you get usability in return..
    Quick and easy set-up, with a great interface on both platforms as well.
    Syncing is quick and painless, I just tried the syncing today as a matter of fact.
    Highly recommended!

  2. BJ Says:

    HanDBase on iPhone works pretty well, however, the ability of the relational field to update reliably when only a few records change in a database seems erratic. Might be the way I’m designing my databases, but this always worked for me on the Palm OS version.

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