Pre Post

Palm-pre-classic apps The more I see of the Pre the more I would like one. The ability to use older palm apps under the classic mode is the clincher for me plus the new goodies on top are compelling reasons. I'm starting to wonder though if it will ever see the light of day over here, Palm are hardly a household name over here outside the old treo die hards and previous treos were hardly a raging sales success with the high street carriers. O2 had the original 180 and 270 models but shifted very few and Orange always seemed a bit half hearted with their 600 and 680 support, probably because hardly anyone bought one.

Why should things be any different with the Pre and how is it suddenly going to become the hottest gadget in town in the UK without some fairly major marketing behind it? I was going to say if Apple can do it then anyone can do it but of course Apple is a well know brand and had the huge advantage of a large user base already in existence via the iPod. I know Palm has a decent enough base of people using older Palm devices but that is the problem, they are older devices whereas people with iPods were toting the latest and greatest model due to Apple's continual upgrading of devices and therefore knew all about the products, they are contemporary whereas to most folk Palm is a company who were great about 5/6/7 years ago.

All shall be revealed shortly one hopes but I'm getting a bit fed up of reading all these posts about how wonderful this smartphone is when nobody has really been able to use it. Palm really needs to get its' skates on, if it was demo-ing a Pre back in January how the heck, three months later are we still waiting for it? What could be taking them so long to get it out and about? Makes me wonder if there is something wrong behind the scenes.


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