BlackBerry App World

Shaun mggill Things have gone a bit quiet on the App World front, you don't read many posts on the BlackBerry sites extolling its virtues, probably with good reason as it may turn out to be a damp squib. The problem it is facing is that there is already a thriving eco-system in place for buying software via BlackBerry sites and the likes of PDA 247, whom I continue to prefer to use. I just don't see any advantage in suddenly changing to the RIM version as it has less software available, doesn't give me a 20% discount (cos I donated to one of the best sites for gadget lovers on the web) and doesn't send me an email when a programme has been updated with a direct link to the download page. What can the RIM store offer over and above that? Zip all, in fact less than that considerably.

Plus, with there being so many different BlackBerry models out there already not all the apps on the store will work with every device and at the moment I can't see a way to filter out stuff that isn't applicable to the Curve. Unless of course it knows what device I am using via the browser set up? Actually, now that I think about it, one of the best things about the Apple Store is that it dispenses with the need to store bloody registration codes, what a boon that has turned out to be for me.

Without wishing to preach to the converted, anyone who visits 247 should donate some dosh as they know they are going to get real value for their money and the main man will appreciate it. Anyone who runs a site knows how hard it is to keep going and it can be a real labour of love. I've kept this site ad free and pay all the costs myself because I enjoy doing it and I'm an opinionated so and so.

I did suggest to Shaun that a suitable bonus for donating to the 247 would be getting a "Jah" free comment version….anybody else think that would be worth paying for?

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