PS3 games

I gave up on Resistance 2 pretty early on despite it getting off to a good start. Early on it was shaping up to be rather good but after a bit it turned into an undisciplined blast everything in sight shoot em' up which became quite dull rather quickly. It also became a bit samey which was a pity as it showed promise. I just felt the developers were starting to get a bit lazy and instead of trying something a bit different took the easy way out and reverted to mass shooting sprees. At one point near where I gave up you were just having to kill droves of zombies then turn into the next road and another wall of zombies appeared. Great fun…not.

I then got stuck at a bit where you are faced with these three huge things firing flames at you and had nothing to fight back with except a rather useless machine gun. No doubt there was some rocket launcher style weapon lying around in the level somewhere but I could never get the time to have a good hunt for it as I'd just get frazzled by the flames and die. I hate those sort of games, if you come to a level where that sort of weapon is needed then for goodness sake, let the player get his hands on it before the shooting starts instead of having to fruitlessly die about 10 times trying to locate it when the battle has started.

Assault_on_Dark_Athena After that I moved onto Metal Gear Solid 4. This game looks okay, it has had some terrific reviews and the graphics are pin sharp but it has a very odd "save" system whereby it lets you "save" your game mid level but if you die it reloads from the last game checkpoint and completely ignores your "save". Bottom line here is that you then have to go back to the start of the last checkpoint and start afresh which to me is the worst mistake a developer can make, forcing gamers to continually replay from scratch big chunks if they get stuck on a bit. I dislike games where you can't save wherever it suits you…it's my game, I paid the money for it so the way I see it is I should be able to play it in the way that suits me best and that means, save anywhere.

Upwards and onwards then as I bought the new Chronicles of Riddick game having thoroughly enjoyed the original xbox version. This new game comes with a remastered version of the original so you get, in essence, two games for the price of one. So far it has been a good experience. It is nicely paced and although you can't save anywhere the checkpoints are at least spaced quite close together. Plus, there is plenty of sneaking about in the dark and time to prepare for any fights. Looks like I have found my level on the PS3.

I guess I'm just getting a bit too old for these frantic blast everything that moves type of games, like Resistance 2 and Gears of War, they just seem rather hackneyed and cliched to me, there's too much going on and I never find time to get my bearings without being subjected to a hail of bullets from unseen assailants, inevitably resulting in a quick death.


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