PS3 and xbox media centres

Ps3 controller I tend to view these things as gaming machines which I don't think is an unreasonable assumption but you can do do much more with them. I, of course, tend to do zip all except play games and watch the odd Blu Ray film on the PS3. Feeling adventurous, I burned a whole CD of photos from iPhoto and stuck it in the PS3 at the weekend, these photos go back a few years, 2002 in fact, and were taken with different cameras. The older ones, probably using a 2.1 megapixel Canon I had at the time, displayed fine but were a wee bit grainy whereas the newer ones, using a 7 megapixel Sony camera, were amazing. So amazing in fact that my wife complained about them being too crystal clear and showing up any blemishes. That's HD for you I guess.

This application claims to allow media streaming from a mac to a PS3 so I may give it a bash, it is from the same people who do the mac xbox connect software which has garnered good reviews. To be honest, I'm not sure if I would make much use of it but it is out there and that in itself is as much of a challenge as I need. Plus, it is only $20 which would appear to be good value if it works well. I should really start taking advantage of that big 80gb hard drive…….

I'm still getting used to the differences between the xbox 360 and PS3, none more so that the PS3's odd controller which I am struggling with. I much prefer that for the xbox as it has bigger and easier to use "fire" buttons/triggers whereas those on the PS3 (R1 back) are smaller and need more careful finding. Some games let you use the R2 back button/trigger to fire guns which makes more sense as it is larger and more like that on the 360 controller.

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