Clie TH55

First update for a while on this one which is still being used on a regular basis but mostly for work purposes. Oddly, I found myself scouring eBay the other night looking at prices for 2nd hand TX's as I miss the wifi capability on the TH55. Wifi is there alright but to get it working at home I'd need to change all the Airport Extreme settings to accomodate its lower security preferences and I'm not prepared (read not able) to do that. Ian very kindly suggested setting up a "daisy chain" set up but I wouldn't know where to start with that one unfortunately as I'm really not very good at that sort of stuff.

TungstenW The TH55 got me thinking though about older style PDA's from the glory days and I'm talking here about those with the bigger screens and no phone capability. There's not a single one available, that I can think of anyway, that had the screen size of the TH55 with a built in treo style or slide out keyboard. I think I would use the TH55 a lot more if it had a HTC Tytan style slider as I struggle sometimes with graffiti both in terms of speed and accuracy. Why did nobody make one in that style? Perhaps the technology just was not there at the time to make one that wouldn't have ended up being about a foot thick. Tis a pity as it would make using a PDA like the TH55 so much easier for getting text in and of course it will never happen now.

It's funny though how having a PDA without internet access restricts what sort of application you can install and it makes me realise how many of my most important mobile applications need that internet access…RSS, email, weather apps, internet obviously, Twitter and a good few more. It means that I have to use the Clie for entirely different things. Perhaps I should look for one of those Tungsten devices that have the SIM card capability, was it the Tungsten W? That might be a solution for me although I do really like the TH55. Or perhaps I should just use the Treo 680 for that purpose which would seem like the more sensible solution.


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