New BlackBerry Facebook Application Released | PDA-247

New BlackBerry Facebook Application Released | PDA-247.

Facebook I've already got Facebook on my iPhone and Curve but it has been taking a back seat of late to Twitter. Not that I am a great Twitter poster, about one a day on average is my limit. It's like writing Birthday cards, when someone pushes one in front of me I just clam up and end up banally writing "Best Wishes".

There's just something about Facebook that I don't like. When you got an email notification informing you of someone writing on your wall for example, I expected to just click the link and be taken straight to that post but it was never that easy. First you had to sign in and then try and find the page with the post. Eventually I'd just give up.

This new BlackBerry version sounds like it wants to take over your calendar and contacts, how arrogant is that on Facebook's part? I think they realise they are losing popularity to Twitter which is no great shakes in itself, and are trying to weazle their way into other aspects of your life. Mind you, I have my reservations about Twitter too, some of the drivel some people see fit to post is amazing, as opposed of course to the words of wisdom that I twitter on. I'm going to have to introduce some rules about what is acceptable or not on my Twitter feed, those posting on the following "topics" may suffer the life shattering humiliation of being unfollowed:

  • any references to pets
  • any reference to pets and the "funny" things they do
  • any reference to Dire Straits or Take That
  • Celtic or Rangers FC
  • Manchester Utd
  • MacBook Pro giveaways
  • baby references

What is it about Twitter that inspires a degree of near obsessiveness in some folks, the need to post details of mundane aspect of their lives?  All rather strange but oddly compulsive. It should be restricted to Captains of Industry, genuinely fascinating characters with life changing things to say. People like me in fact.

Now, I must go and tell people about that amazing crap I did this afternoon….what a beauty THAT was.


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