Brian Clough and footie in the 70’s

Just been watching a repeat of the documentary about Brian Clough on the telly and it was very interesting. What a record this guy had as a manager, taking two unfashionable clubs with no star players to the League title and with Forest, winning the European Cup twice. There are not many who have done it once, let alone twice and in today's big money game it is hard to imagine the feat being repeated again, which is a pity. It would be great to see the dominance of the big four English clubs curbed even if only for a few years.

Joe harper I also read the "Damned United" book by David Peace but it irritated me too much and I didn't actually finish it, not because I was upset by the content but rather his writing style was aggravating. The bits about when he was at Derby are great but the repetitive nature of his Leeds United era I found hugely annoying plus the amount of unnecessary swearing was a put off for me. Those bits are like they were written by a 10 year old with Tourette's Syndrome. You'd have to read it yourself to know what I mean but there are passages where the author just repeats the same phrase or two over and over again, presumably for emphasis, but it just grates.

Anyway, the 70's is my era for football memories and looking back on it now it's hard to imagine how we tolerated those grubby, unkempt grounds with appalling toilet facilities, dangerous terracing and the generally unpleasand and often aggressive atmosphere, or perhaps that's why we liked it in the first place? All that has been stripped away from most grounds and the majority are actually quite nice places to take the kids or a partner without the lurking fear of some drunken opposition fan, invariably a Celtic or Rangers supporter, either threatening you or pissing down the back of your leg at half time, like it was in the early to mid 70's. I kid you not, my dad used to take me to see Aberdeen in those days when there was no segregation and we'd be standing there in front of some drunken Old Firm fan, can of Harp Lager in hand, relieving himself behind you. Classy.


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