Made the move to PS3

Got a refund on the duff xbox 360 so managed finally to escape from the GroundHog scenario….buy xbox…breaks down…get it repaired…new xbox breaks down…get it repaired…get new xbox and so on…

This time there was to be no repair scene and instead we got vouchers and bought a PS3 instead. This is quite a break for me having used an xbox since they first came out so it was a bit sad but at the same time the first gaming console I ever bought was the original PlayStation so in a sense we are coming home.

PS3 Setting it up was easy, and of course it has built in wifi support so you do not need to add on a wifi attachment like you do with the xbox 360 at a cost of nearly £60. When you add up what the PS3 has in comparison to the 360 as standard then it becomes much better value plus of course you are also getting a Blu Ray player into the bargain. We got the model with 80gb of storage and it came with a free Blu Ray film and game, Resistance 2.

One really irritating thing I have noticed so far is that for both games we have, Resistance 2 and FIFA 09, a download updater was needed when you first load the game. This was quite small for the FIFA game but the Resistance 2 one was 304MB in size and took 30 minutes to download. It then installed and then another updater was needed requiring another download and update. By the time that had finished it was time for me to go to bed. I'm also not sure I like the PS3 controller much, it seems to have too many buttons for my liking and the shooting back button is too small compared to that on the xbox. Possibly I have just become too used to the xbox version and in time the PS3 one will begin to feel more natural.

Those are the two downsides so far. On the plus side, as mentioned above, it was a caker to set up, it has 4 times the storage of the xbox 360 I was using, has built in wifi support, plays Blu Ray films and it does not have that ludicrous huge power brick that is attached to the 360. Phew. Plus, and this is good, it is as quite as a mouse in comparison to the wheezing, whirring, whooshing xbox 360. What a revelation that has been so far. I hated the noisy xbox and always felt that all the noises it made could not be doing its' innards any good and so it transpired. The bloody noise it makes, the constant thrumming and whooshing cannot be a good thing as it gives the impression that every single component inside it is working at maxuimum capacity the whole time it is on. A bit like Scotty and his dilithium crystals in Star Trek…."Capppin, she's gonnay blow…."

Ps3 controller One further oddity relates to these game demo discs that come with some gaming mags. On the xbox, you just stick in the disc and click of the demo you wish to play and it loads up straight away. Strangely, on the Offical PS3 mag demo disc you have to click on the demo then wait until it downloads from the disc onto the PS3 and then a further delay ensues until it has installed on the console. This can take 5 minutes to complete plus you then have to delete the installed file (most are over 1gb) once you have played the demo and decided to dump it. The xbox way is far easier and better.

Of course, much like a smartphone lives or dies on the apps/ operating system, whether we think it is better or not than the xbox will depend 90% on the quality of the games. I haven't been that impressed by Resistance 2 to date either in terms of graphics or actual gameplay but I suppose it is still early doors. I have picked up BioShock and Dead Space though, both for less than £20 each, and these are two of my favourite all time games and luckily are available for the PS3.

I actually feel a bit guilty about moving to Sony aftr so many years xbox gaming but the sheer unrelenting unreliability of the xbox was a constant pain. My son still has his xbox Core model in his bedroom plus we have kept most of our games so far so I can always go back to the xbox or use it to play a game that is only available on that platform. I hope it doesn't come to that though. I know this is really silly but I'd like to get, if such a thing exists, a PS3 controller that is shaped more like the xbox 360 version or perhaps that is just a silly comfort thing?


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