quelle surprise…xbox 360 packs up (again)

Xbox 360 console
If people ask me why I don't particularly like Microsoft my xbox experiences down the years just about sum it up. Our first 1st gen xbox packed up about a week after the warranty expired and the first xbox 360 console also packed up within a year. The xbox 360 we got for my son's xmas in December 2007 has just also packed up, showing the fabled 3 red rings of death. It's not exactly been pummelled to death useage wise either, it rarely gets more than an hour a day use.

You can say what you like about the PS3, about it being more expensive in comparison, but failure rates, if you believe what you read on the internet, are much lower and that is a fact. I'm starting to believe other facts too, one being that Microsoft, in search of ever larger profits, use junk components in their hardware. Luckily, this one has the extended guarantee which was purchased at the time it was bought so I have some protection.

That's it though with the xbox 360 and my next gaming console purchase will be a PS3. Three out of four consoles packing in tells its own story in my view, the reliability level is obviously dreadful and they won't be getting another penny from me.


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