WordPop – schoolboy error


Spent two days building up this terrific WordPop score, as you can see from the photo, hit 71 rounds and 18 000 plus which would have been enough to get me in the Top 10 all time ranking and then when I finally had to call, it quits I wondered why my score wasn't uploaded.

Transpires I had the iPhone in Airplane mode…..ooops.

All that effort for nowt.

Double Doh.

"Sick as a pig Barry"

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One Response to “WordPop – schoolboy error”

  1. Statto Says:

    Hate to disappoint you Murray, but I’m at 34,706 on round 123 and still going strong! My trouble is I haven’t been playing much lately so it’s taken me a long time to get there.
    Better make sure I’m not in airplane mode when I finish 🙂

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