App Shopper: ShoveBox Mobile

App Shopper: ShoveBox Mobile (Productivity).

I picked up Shove Box a while back, I think it might even have been a freebie from some website, and it has quickly become a very useful Mac application. It's like a stripped down version of MacJournal or Yojimbo, same sort of idea…that being a means to store snippets of info such as web links and text and whatever.

Shovebox iphone
There is now an iPhone version, available for £2.99, and it is able to sync wirelessly to the desktop version. It's this sort of app that makes me like the iphone so much and the fact that so many of them are mac friendly and allow me to share info between important mac desktop software and the iPhone is such a big bonus for me.

It syncs smoothly over wifi and I was able to transfer all the desktop info onto the iPhone version. A great thing about it is that the desktop version allows you to save web pages as "archives" for quick reference and when you open up the iPhone version it displays as the full webpage properly. This is a great way to keep tips and stuff for mobile viewing, I have a section devoted to mac and Blackberry tips/tricks/how to's which I now have access to on the go. It is also very handy for storing text.

Apps like this make me wonder why I am using a BlackBerry Curve.


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