Blackberry email

I have mixed feelings about email done the Blackberry way, I can see why they do it the way they do (without any IMAP folder support and ability to "file" messages) but I'm not sure I find it to be the most suitable solution for the way I like to work with email on a mobile device. If I receive a message on a mobile device I like to be able to stick it into an IMAP folder on the device, mainly so I don't have to then do the same thing on the desktop as to me, that is extra work. Basically, I prefer to work my email accounts via the mobile as opposed to on the desktop. In a sense, to me, the Blackberry way defeats the purpose of IMAP email benefits.

Still, having said that, it is nice to have emails delivered in real time and you can of course do most of the stuff that most people need a smartphone to do when it comes to handling email.

Luckily, for those who prefer a more hands on approach and for those who use Gmail, there is an excellent standalone Gmail application available for Blackberry which returns most of the functionality that most non-Blackberry accustomed users will appreciate, nay demand. It displays beautifully on the 8900 Curve and lets you do several additional things:

  • "label" messages in the Gmail fashion into your IMAP folders
  • identify messages as spam
  • "star" messages
  • multiple Gmail account support

For a luddite like myself, the app is ideal. It doesn't provide a push service but that is not important as that is already there via RIM but it allows me to work and handle my email the way I am more used to and frankly prefer.


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