Clie TH55 odd behaviour

Th and keybd
Had an odd moment with the TH55V this morning at work. I was going into a meeting and was planning to take it in with me and make some notes with the aid of the add on Sony keyboard. I last used it yesterday and the battery was about 70% but when I opened it up today it was as dead as a dodo. Hmmmm. I stuck it on the charger to try and bring it back to life, left it for an hour and when I unplugged it the battery was about 40% but was visibly draining away in front of me. I mean I was standing there watching the battery meter and it was dropping like a stone. Within a minute the "low battery" warning came up.

I thought perhaps something was stuck on and was causing the problem so decided to hard reset it and then stuck it back on the charger and left it for about 5 hours then restored using Resco Backup. All now seems to be back to normal. Strange behaviour especially when you consider that its battery life has been its strong point to date. Perhaps there is some battery problem and when it gets down to about 40% it just can't hold a charge? I do have a replacement battery so might have to swop it out and see if that solves the problem. The battery doesn't look that hard to replace as it is accessible by unscrewing two screws on the bottom left hand corner, opening the cover and pulling it out once it has been disconnected then replacing it with a new one. A heck of a lot simpler than a similar job on the Tungsten C for example.

This is the first sign of any trouble with the device and I suppose is to be expected bearing in mind the Clie is at least 4 years old.


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