Spandau Ballet

I see that the "Spands" are reforming. I used to like them back in the very late 70's when they had something to say but they fairly quickly degenerated into a wimpy, 2nd rate pseudo "soul" band churning out a procession of sub-standard lurrrrrve songs for the "laydees". I remember listening to an interview with Gary Kemp a while back where he more or less admitted the lure of filthy lucre was a greater incentive than musical integrity. Fair enough I suppose.

One can only fear the quality of any forthcoming musical output though and they are hardly likely to appeal to a whole new generation of pop pickers. Surely anybody with even a modicum of interest in this revival will already have, twice over, the oft re-packaged Greatest Hits CD? This whole reformation thing is very much a product of the 2000's, package it all up, slap on a different cover on the "Best of…" CD and add on a few awful studio out-takes (that were neglected at the time for being severley sub-standard) and there you have it.

Personally, I can't think of a single band from my halcyon days of the late 70's to late 80's that I would like to see reformed. I prefer to remember them in their pomp and seeing them now, overweight, follicly challenged and wrinkly (like myself) would be a let down, to say the least.

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One Response to “Spandau Ballet”

  1. Shaun McGill Says:

    Ultravox? Joboxers? Hayzee Fantazee? Bring it on!

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